Coming soon to a wheel near you!

21T Gates thread-on cog.  Uses the CDX system.

Now I just have to wait for the hub to arrive.  


Repack and Roses

I found myself at the birthplace of mountain biking this weekend.

It was purely by accident as well, as I was merely heading up to Fairfax to meet family for the afternoon and wandered upon a monument.

So named for the fact that you had to repack the bearings after every ride.


Shiny Things

In light of cruddy things that are happening in my industry lately, I decided to have this post be about some cycling related things that are fun, happy, and decidedly unique - not to mention made by creative people.  Plus, it's Friday night, and I need something besides chocolate cake and alcohol to cheer me up after these crazy couple of weeks.

The first thing on my niftylist are these fantastic little reflectors made by Etsy artist Yabettasupadont, who decided that the regular reflectors were boring and something needed to be done.

If you love this, like I do, buy it here!


On VFX and Animation

There's been some terribly sad news in my industry this past week.  Lots of amazing people are losing their jobs, and one of the best places I've ever had the pleasure of working declared bankruptcy.

Posts will resume when things are a lot less shitty.


Vinyl: Part I

I like orange.  Orange and grey were my school colors, so maybe subconsciously that's why I dig the District so much, but it's probably mostly because of the orange.  It's a good color, though I really need to get the matching rear wheel builtWhich leads me to an idea that I was farting around with the other day in Mypaint that involved getting more orange on the bike.
I grabbed this photo sometime back, I think from Trek's Website.  I also did about six of these, but I will spare you.
Inevitably I decided to take this to full project mode, and ended up with a giant sheet of orange reflective vinyl, endless coffee, an Exacto Knife, and an entire Saturday afternoon to play around with the combination of these things.



"Excuse me, but I just have to say - that is a beautiful bicycle."

I had just ridden in from my morning commute, completely disheveled and rained on, trying to park my bike inside without getting mud everywhere.  It caught me completely off guard, and all I could muster was a very grateful "thank you!"

"I've been admiring it in the hallway the past few days, and it's probably the most beautiful bike I've ever seen."

Absolutely made my day, and I hope the smile that I returned to this kind stranger showed my gratitude.  It's not much, but I've worked hard to make this bike look and ride quite nice, and I've always considered a bicycle to be a sort of extension of ones' self, so it was quite the complement to receive!

It's Friday.  Ride your bike this weekend, and if you see a bike you truly love...tell the owner!
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