So, this is a thing.

It was around the time I was meticulously scooping sand and other crud out of my rear deraileur for the fortieth time that I came to the conclusion: I think a lot. About lots of things, sure, but specifically bikes. Here I was, covered in grease, surrounded by tools, lovingly cleaning my commuter and thinking about how I couldn't wait to ride to work the next day, boy do I love this Shimano 600 Tri-Color group, I really need to get the Takhion to a welder and I can't wait to try out the command shifters that I have yet to mount on another bike I am building.

All at once.

So, here I am. Writing about it. I'm going to rant about my commute while keeping track of my miles and how many times I almost get killed every day, talk wistfully about the bikes I wish to own, post pictures of shiny bikes and parts that make me happy, and link to a news article or two. Or at least I will if I don't get distracted by the wheels I need to build.

EDIT: Please feel free to link back here, link to posts, or use any of my photos!  Just please give credit where credit is due.  

If I have linked to a photo that belongs to you and you'd like me to remove it, please let me know, and I'm sorry! 

Edit II:  Sometimes I sell things.  Sometimes I trade things.  Send me an e-mail if you're interested in either.  aeyoqen [at] gmail [dot] com.  

2012 Mileage Count: 49

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