Sunday Sunday Sunday!

After a week of riding on a sandy trail next to the ocean, my bike needs a bit of love.  Sunday is Bike Maintenance Day, which usually involves a basic cleaning and minor tune up, but sometimes entails repacking bearings, changing tires, or swapping parts, depending on what needs to be done.  

Sadly, I've been working on a non-bike related project which has kept me fairly house bound this weekend, so I wasn't able to get out on any rides or do any bike photography.  I know, I know, it's terrible.  Once this project is done, I am going on a long ride, most likely involving a stop at Father's Office, crashing a bonfire on the beach, and a day out with good friends. 

Until then, I can do no more than continue my ranting and commuting.  

Belt drives are so sleek looking.  <3
I can also provide this lovely photo of a Trek District drivetrain taken in Chico last November.  Speaking of Districts...there will be more to come involving this crazy belt driven bicycle.  

2012 Distance Count: 98 Miles | 157.7 Kilometers

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