A while back someone linked me to a pretty sweet Kickstarter idea for a new type of bike lock.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the link, the project had already been funded (which is great!) but I hadn't been able to donate while it was still being funded...so I couldn't get in early on this super cool lock.

Image via Oregon Manifest
Anyway, it seems that the site for it is officially up for the aforementioned TiGr lock!  The TiGr lock, which I've been pronouncing "tiger," is a titanium band that weighs much less than a traditional U-Lock and promises to be much tougher.  From the videos on the site, they seem more difficult to crack than a traditional U-lock.  I'd love to see them go up against something like the Fahgettaboudit, so I am curious as to the results of the third party testing.

Image via TiGr Lock

I love that it can grab both wheels, isn't a million pounds, and can fit on a bike frame.  I think paired with a U-lock for added security, it could be a good system.  Of course, I'm not one to leave my bikes locked up for more than a few hours, and when I'm at work or at home, they're always stored inside.  Call me paranoid!

Nonetheless, I hope these locks do well, and I applaud the ingenuity here.  Who knows - perhaps I will be reviewing one soon :]! 

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