More Anger Regarding the Spring Street Bike Lanes

I guess this is still a big issue.

Filmmakers are against the Spring Street bike lanes because they can no longer use Spring Street as "Anytown, USA" - sorry, but why can't Anytown have bike lanes again?  Is it taboo to show infrastructure as promoting human safety?  Also, the cost and difficulty of editing out these troublesome green lanes is not nearly as bad as it's being made out to be.  And hey, since studios are outsourcing all the VFX work anyway, I think they should have to pay the extra that it costs to film in LA and have all compositing done offshore.  Or maybe they're just upset that they lost all of their parking, something that the residents of Spring Street seem to have no problem with.  By all accounts I've heard, people prefer the cyclists to film trucks. 

Also - motorists are "baffled" that they can't drive in the bike lanes?  Are you f***ing kidding me?  When has it ever been legal to drive or park in any bike lane?  Not that it's enforced here anyway, so I don't see what the real problem is, but I am so sorry that you're baffled about the bike lanes. 

If these lanes get removed, you can bet there will be a fair amount of Angelenos up in arms about it.  It would be a sorry excuse to sacrifice safety in lieu of shooting some film.

On the bright side though, BikingInLA featured an awesome Trade-Your-Car-For-A-Bike program that the Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery is doing.  I'm tempted...

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