"Excuse me, but I just have to say - that is a beautiful bicycle."

I had just ridden in from my morning commute, completely disheveled and rained on, trying to park my bike inside without getting mud everywhere.  It caught me completely off guard, and all I could muster was a very grateful "thank you!"

"I've been admiring it in the hallway the past few days, and it's probably the most beautiful bike I've ever seen."

Absolutely made my day, and I hope the smile that I returned to this kind stranger showed my gratitude.  It's not much, but I've worked hard to make this bike look and ride quite nice, and I've always considered a bicycle to be a sort of extension of ones' self, so it was quite the complement to receive!

It's Friday.  Ride your bike this weekend, and if you see a bike you truly love...tell the owner!

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