What Irks You?

I struck up an interesting conversation with a stranger on the train the other day.  I was commenting on his older steel bike, and he asked which bike was mine, so I pointed to my District all bungied up in my destination section.

"Oh, uh, yeah, that's cool, I guess."

It was obvious that there was something he didn't like about it, so I asked him what it was that turned him off to it.  

"I dunno, those deep rims...just irk me."

It didn't offend or upset me in any way - in fact, I had a good laugh about it, much to his confusion, and told him I understand completely.  

I dig bikes.  Truth be told, I dig all bikes.  But everyone has at least one thing that does just that - irks them.   So I told him about my irk: I absolutely can't stand risers on vintage track bikes.  He told me he loved the look of risers on track bikes.  Another commuter chimed in saying they were irked by fenders, but loved both deep rims and risers.  We sort of bonded over irks. 

There's nothing wrong with deep rims, or risers, or fenders, or well, anything that irks you.  It's just not for you.  If you like riding with any or all of these things, more power to you.  My bike isn't for everyone, and chances are yours isn't either.  But I still love the fact that you choose to ride, and that your bike is yours.

So I have to ask - what irks you?  

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