The Humble Beginnings of Petrichor Frames

It's been a long time coming, but today I've officially moved to a workshop.  

My own little corner of the world.
I packed, loaded, shifted stuff, drove a Uhaul, had a jig fall on top of me (not recommended) and unloaded everything into this amazing little space that I was lucky enough to find.

And I backed this thing into a driveway.  Twice!
Things are still very much in a state of disorganized, and now that I have space I realize that I need about three more workbenches, but it's mine!

Unloaded and getting everything placed.  
Mostly I'm glad that I'll have everything in one place and won't be having to worry about the weather in order to build.  And not having to wheel my jig in and out of my apartment will be nice...also not having to haul out the alignment table, the drawing equipment, measurement tools, tubes...

My little bench finally in a good spot!  
 Some pegboards and file organizers are on the list for workshop needs, and it'll slowly turn into a more functioning space as I figure out what works for me over time.  

The cell phone quality photos and bad angles don't really do the place justice.  It's much bigger than it looks!
The entire space is actually a warehouse broken up and shared with other businesses and people making things, so there's lots going all the time and there are really cool people around.  There's another framebuilder in the East Bay location, but I'm the only one here!

Workshop, sweet workshop.
I'll be spending lots of time in here practicing and bettering my skills.  Despite the fact that I'll be sacrificing some of my riding time in order to build, I'm so excited to dedicate more time to this amazing craft and hope to someday be as skilled as the builders I admire.

So, here's to the humble beginnings of my little endeavor, Petrichor Frames!


  1. hey there. just checking in, and glad to see you're on your way. i'm (one of) the rando(s) on reddit who pm'd you about yamaguchi's school. unfortunately, things didn't work out as tidily as i'd hoped and it's just something i'm going to put off for awhile longer.

    the little endeavour looks good. i'll be rooting for you.

    1. Hey!

      I'm sorry things didn't work out as planned, but I'm glad to hear you're still planning to go sometime in the future!

      Thank you for your kind words. I have a long way to go still, but I'm doing my best!

  2. http://petrichorcycles.com/

    1. I'm using petrichorframes.tumblr.com. I started researching that name over a year ago, but looks like someone else had the same idea!

  3. I know this guy makes frames with that name for about 4 years now. Met him on Interbike in 2010.

    1. I certainly didn't want to take anyone's name, but I genuinely had no idea it was in use! I've already filed all of the business and trademark paperwork at this point, so I'm not sure what the next step would be. I'd love to talk to this person if you happen to have contact information for him!

    2. I saw a button on their website, you could probably use that.

    3. I tried that before and got a mail error, but I've just trying e-mailing to a general info address in hopes to get through.

      Thank you for letting me know about this. I want to make things right and certainly didn't want to infringe upon anyone else.


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