After obtaining a loaner regulator while mine gets sent back to Craftsman for repair, I was able to do some external brazing.

I'm still fighting with temperature control a bit, but I feel like each time I pick up the torch I get a little better.  

Head tube fillet!
These dropouts were so thick it was difficult to heat them without overheating the chain and seat stays.  
Figuring out how to miter these by hand was interesting.
Bottom bracket, and a nice view of the fancy bent chainstays!
Suddenly, a bicycle.
Having the loaner regulator seemed to make a huge difference - I think my oxygen regulator wasn't really doing a great job of, well, regulating.  Hopefully when I get it back it will work just as nicely as this one.  

Once I clean up the flux, I'll double back and fix any holes or weird areas on the fillets.  Then it's time for braze ons!  

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