3TTT Pursuit Bars for sale!!

The Sanino I posted a few days ago appears to have been parted out, and both the frame and bars are now for sale separately.

Bars are here.  And the frame is here.

These are "Takhion Style" 3TTT bars (Takhion style meaning curvier, less angled than the more well known 3TTT Moscow bars) HOWEVER - 

I am 99% certain that these bars do NOT have a clamp area wide enough for a Takhion.

They can easily fit any mono-clamp style fork mounts, like Textima (or hey, like the Sanino listed) but for dual-clamp mounts like Takhions or some Rossins, I believe these will not work.  Just a word of warning.

They're really nice bars though!!
Anyway, I'd love to see these stick with the Sanino they came off of them, but either way I'm sure they'll end up on a lovely bike.  Best of luck if you've been searching for bars like this!


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