Red Aero

I spent the day watching Game of Thrones and deep cleaning this glorious machine.

After lots of elbow grease (and Phil Wood grease), it's looking worlds better!
This red and white beauty was apparently built for Latvia with Columbus SL tubing, and is serial number 263 87.  Aside from wheels, it came with all original components, though the derailleurs are ХВЗ and not Takhion.  Everything else though, down to the seatpost, is.  

Tiny little Takhion stamp!
This guy was lost in the mail for quite some time, but thankfully showed up safe and sound after a few months.  I'll need to check alignment, but aside from the usual wear and tear that comes from a frame older than I am, this Takhion is in pretty good shape.  

It's all in the details.  
I put the front Antonov front wheel and the mystery rear road kevlar wheel on to take some proper photos.  Eventually I'd like this one to have a Campy C-Record wheelset (as I have been expertly advised) and matching derailleurs, since the XB3 drivetrain can be a bit...questionable.  

There's a full album here, if you want to see more!

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