On Baked Goods

Someday I'm going to design something that will allow baked goods to be efficiently transported on a bicycle.  I love to bake almost as much as I love to bike, and I love sharing my baked goods with my coworkers, but the problem is when I make anything slightly fragile to bring in to work, I can only transport it via car if I want to keep my cupcakes/cookies/other magical goodies looking pretty.  Or, if I don't want caramel all over my panniers.  

I made homemade Twix bars today, and try as I might, there was just no way to get them into a pannier in such a way that would protect them.  A rear rack solution might work for something like that, but what about cupcakes rattling around?  

Fortunately I love my coworkers, so the stress of driving to work one day is worth it just to see their faces light up when I bring goodies.

Seriously.  Bike cake rack.  I could make millions.

2012 Distance Count: 182 Miles | 292.9 Kilometers

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