Takhion Bars in the house!

Courtesy of Old Vintage Steel!  He's got a couple of Takhion track frames right now, so go check them out.  

42cm and 44cm.
Since one of my Takhions was missing true Takhion bars, I can now swap out the 3TTT for one of these.  And I'll have an extra for projects like this one which is still very much in progress.   

It's amazing to me how these bars seem to be quite difficult to fabricate, unless I want to place an order of 10,000 or so.  Finding the proper alloy and being able to do these bends is apparently outside of the scope of many of smaller fabricators, so getting a batch made has led to mostly nowhere.  I'm still trying!


Old Vintage Steel

I can't stress enough just how awesome the online cycling community is, and how many cool people I meet.

Recently I was contacted regarding Takhion parts by a man named Alex, who very obviously shares a passion for bikes from the Soviet Union.  He's found some amazing buried treasures all over his home country of Belarus and many surrounding areas - I almost couldn't believe my eyes at photographs of bikes that had remained hidden, possibly forgotten, for so long.  

Wanting to share these bikes with people who would respect them and understood the significance of their history, he started Old Vintage Steel, and can also be found on Instagram under the same name.

Of course, he currently has a Takhion he wants to get to a good home.

It's a 58cm road frame, and it comes with three (yes three) forks, handlebars, and a BB.  

Check out this beauty!  Lots more photos on the Facebook page.
The third fork is also a Takhion fork with the TT clamps.  

Columbus SLX tubing.
And of course, there are other gems for sale, like these XB3s.  

Such a pretty color.
And this lovely set of Fluidisks!

Go check it out on Facebook or IG, and check back often for new cool treasures. 


TT Sport GIT for sale


I've only ever seen one other.  Image via eBay auction.
This beauty is up for grabs here.  It's been repainted and there are no measurements listed, but these bikes are not easy to come by.  What a beautiful frame.

The clamps are not the same as Takhion clamps.  Image via eBay auction.
I'd love to see what the eventual owner of this frame does to build this up.  And the hard-to-find parts all come with this frame, so finishing it off shouldn't be a difficult task.  

Kharkov cranks!  Image via eBay auction.
As always, I hope this one goes to a good home.


Red Aero

I spent the day watching Game of Thrones and deep cleaning this glorious machine.

After lots of elbow grease (and Phil Wood grease), it's looking worlds better!
This red and white beauty was apparently built for Latvia with Columbus SL tubing, and is serial number 263 87.  Aside from wheels, it came with all original components, though the derailleurs are ХВЗ and not Takhion.  Everything else though, down to the seatpost, is.  

Tiny little Takhion stamp!
This guy was lost in the mail for quite some time, but thankfully showed up safe and sound after a few months.  I'll need to check alignment, but aside from the usual wear and tear that comes from a frame older than I am, this Takhion is in pretty good shape.  

It's all in the details.  
I put the front Antonov front wheel and the mystery rear road kevlar wheel on to take some proper photos.  Eventually I'd like this one to have a Campy C-Record wheelset (as I have been expertly advised) and matching derailleurs, since the XB3 drivetrain can be a bit...questionable.  

There's a full album here, if you want to see more!


Takhion on eBay

Mostly, anyway!

Image via the eBay Auction
Here's the listing, though there is no size listed and unfortunately the original fork seems to have had its clamps cut off (which hurts my soul).  Though that possibly could be repaired...

There's another listing for it here, not through eBay.  

Serial number is 151 83, which might actually mean the frame was repurposed at some point.  It's a very early frame for sure, though it does have the BB cutout and the Takhion shifters. 

There's also a track frame in need of some serious love:
Image via eBay auction.
 If anyone ends up with either of these, I'd gladly help with restoration :D


Something Precious

If there's one thing to be said about the online bicycle community, it's that they're honestly some of the best people around.  Over the years I've made so many wonderful friends and have learned so much.  People here are always willing to help, to offer advice, even to sometimes do things that I thought were impossible.  

I received a gift today from one of these people.  

A fully restored XB3 Српинт.
I know what this frame meant to the friend who I received it from, and I can honestly say that receiving it moved me to tears.  Thank you, Alex, for being such a good friend and letting me question you to death about Soviet bikes.  You have no idea how much it means to me!  

Everything, down to the decals, is perfect.
I will do my best to do this frame justice.  And I will pay this forward in the future, somehow! 

1980 Moscow Olympics decal!!
There are a few more photos of this lovely frame over on Flickr, and I'll be searching for more XB3 parts to get it built up.  Every time I look at this XB3 I'll be reminded of how fortunate I am to have made such amazing friends - and that is truly what's precious.  
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