Tickets are bought, and it's official - I'll be going to NAHBS this year!

I certainly won't have a booth or anything like that, but I am definitely excited to see what's new in the framebuilding world and finally meet some of the many builders that I follow in person.  I cannot wait!

I hope that everyone had a good holiday and is currently enjoying this strange week that always happens between Christmas and New Year's. 

Bike Santa was good to me this year.
Time to prep for New Year's festivities...


Merry Christmas to All!

I've been traveling literally every weekend for the past three months, so please forgive the lack of content lately!

It's Christmas Eve and I have finally been able to sit down for a moment, so enjoy a couple fall photos that I took during Thanksgiving.  I was a bit obsessed with the leaves and with my wheels, if you can tell!

The leaves were falling like crazy as I rolled through them, and a combination of luck and wind caught me some stragglers.
Birch leaves and crows feet lacing.  It's the little things in life.
I'm off to prepare for the holiday, but I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or whatever it is that you and your family celebrate.  Have fun and stay safe, and hopefully Santa brings you a brand new bicycle.


Takhion for Sale

Not mine, but this lovely 56cm frame is up for grabs:

One of many photos.  The seller also has the parts.
This frame was found in the same condition as this one, so it has been repainted.  There are lots of photos detailing the frame, and the album can be found here

If you're interested, please contact me at aeyoqen@gmail.com and I will get you in touch with the seller.  


Kids Bike Day

I know it's been a bit quiet here recently, since I've literally been home only to sleep (and maybe scarf down some cereal here and there) I haven't had a chance to update what's new in my little world of bikes.  This event happened a few weeks ago, but it was a lot of fun and I wanted to share it here.  

These kids were having such a blast, that they kept riding even when we started getting rained on.  
Young bicyclists got the opportunity to test their skills and learn new ones this past Saturday at the Kids Bike Safety and Skills Workshop held at Pacific Community Center.
The event was put together by Walk Bike Glendale, a local nonprofit that advocates for safe walking and biking in the city, according to Nathalie Winiarski, community liaison for the organization.
Full article here:

Walk Bike Glendale is a great organization that I discovered on Bike to Work Day this year - I asked if they needed any volunteers, and I was called regarding this event.  They needed someone who could do simple mechanic work, to which I said "absolutely!"

Though most fixes were simple, it was a lot of fun and a good learning experience for me, all of the kids, and their parents.  I explained what I was doing every time, and was able to fix just about everything that came my way.  

I set up a bike stand and just brought the basics with me, which was perfect for this event.  Ninety percent of "repairs" were just simple seat adjustments and demonstrating a proper bike fit.  I also pumped up quite a few tires - all by hand!  There were a few oddball fixes here and there, like truing one wheel and turning handlebars and forks around that had been installed incorrectly (just...yikes).  The thing that really got to me was the poor quality of the brakes that I worked on, as many of these bikes had brakes that didn't touch the rims at all, and I feel bad for these kids learning to ride on something that can't stop properly!  

This little boy was awesome, though I felt terrible because that seatpost bolt was completely stripped and was just spinning in place.  I didn't have the tools to fix something like that, and it was the only thing that slipped through the cracks.  I'm sorry awesome little dude!  I hope you were able to get it fixed and get back on your bike ASAP.  
It was non-stop chaotic work, but it was amazingly fun and I can't wait to do it again.  The kids learned how to signal, dodge obstacles, stop at signs, do an ABC check, use lights at night, and much more.  There were also lights and helmets given out, so everyone was riding safely.   

I'm glad to see more community events like this going on, both for kids and for parents.  So many parents told me that they want the streets to be safer for their kids, and that they want to ride more with them - and many families rode to the event together, which was awesome.  

I have to say though, that the best part of my day was when kids would come up to me and proudly ask if I could remove their training wheels, and then fearlessly tear off back to riding around with their friends.  Ride on, little cyclists!


Takhion Bars in the house!

Courtesy of Old Vintage Steel!  He's got a couple of Takhion track frames right now, so go check them out.  

42cm and 44cm.
Since one of my Takhions was missing true Takhion bars, I can now swap out the 3TTT for one of these.  And I'll have an extra for projects like this one which is still very much in progress.   

It's amazing to me how these bars seem to be quite difficult to fabricate, unless I want to place an order of 10,000 or so.  Finding the proper alloy and being able to do these bends is apparently outside of the scope of many of smaller fabricators, so getting a batch made has led to mostly nowhere.  I'm still trying!


Old Vintage Steel

I can't stress enough just how awesome the online cycling community is, and how many cool people I meet.

Recently I was contacted regarding Takhion parts by a man named Alex, who very obviously shares a passion for bikes from the Soviet Union.  He's found some amazing buried treasures all over his home country of Belarus and many surrounding areas - I almost couldn't believe my eyes at photographs of bikes that had remained hidden, possibly forgotten, for so long.  

Wanting to share these bikes with people who would respect them and understood the significance of their history, he started Old Vintage Steel, and can also be found on Instagram under the same name.

Of course, he currently has a Takhion he wants to get to a good home.

It's a 58cm road frame, and it comes with three (yes three) forks, handlebars, and a BB.  

Check out this beauty!  Lots more photos on the Facebook page.
The third fork is also a Takhion fork with the TT clamps.  

Columbus SLX tubing.
And of course, there are other gems for sale, like these XB3s.  

Such a pretty color.
And this lovely set of Fluidisks!

Go check it out on Facebook or IG, and check back often for new cool treasures. 
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