I need about ten more hours each day to get everything done

Or, maybe I can stop sleeping and instead update this sadly neglected blog that I have so much content but not nearly enough time for!  

I am keeping Petrichor decently updated with photos, and Flickr also gets new things here and there since uploading from my phone can be done from just about anywhere.  If things are quiet here, chances are I'm over there.  Or, you know, dead.

Really, the reason I have no time to write about bikes is because my life has become nothing but bikes.  Mostly riding them with rad people and building them, but also tinkering, buying and selling, and building up gems here and there.

Like this awesome XB3 Sport that has become my new timeshare bike, or will once I give that BB an overhaul.  Anyone ever seen an orange one of these before?  All original parts, but orange.  And tiny.  It's like it was made for me.

Almost there


I have a couple non half-assed posts drafted up that I need to get to.  But know that things are awesome in my little bike world, and I couldn't be happier, which is why I haven't been around enough.  Hopefully I'll manage my time a bit better in the future, but in the meantime if you see me riding around LA, say hi!

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  1. Funny, Russians are trying to get cinelli and US guys hunting for ХВЗ.


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