Fork Crown Cronicles: A Preview

Eons ago I cast two fork crowns.

I made two because it was recommended I make an extra just in case the first one failed.  I didn't make more because I wanted to be certain that they would work before I sold any internal organs to produce a bunch.  So the twin crown wasn't going to go to just anyone, it would have to go to someone special.  And it did. 

Today I was shown this photo, and initially it didn't even register.

Image Via Hrrundel's Flickr.
 That's my crown on that fork.  

Needless to say, I'm psyched to see more of this Colnago, excited that a successful build came of my crown, and happy that it means more of these are coming in the future.

I guess I need to finish the frame that goes with the other crown...

I'm still torn though - fillet brazed, or lugged?

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