The Things I'd Have Missed

Usually I take my rides home a bit slower, as I'm a bit tired at the end of the day and like to enjoy my night ride along the beach.  But competition always gets the best of me.

I had just hopped on the Strand, which is the bike path I take coming home, when I was passed by a fellow commuter.  I'd seen him before - a lean, fast rider who rides a carbon Giant.  Today I decided that I was going to keep up with him, so I pushed forward and kept about 20 feet behind him the entire length of the strand.  After a while, he noticed that I was keeping pace, and I hoped that he didn't mind - he was going fast, it was a really good workout!  When the Strand converged on the street that I take the rest of the way home, he slowed down and I caught up to him.  I thanked him for keeping the pace, and he laughed, saying he had just initially been trying to pass me!  We chatted a bit on the way home about our commutes, our steeds, and how we had mutual respect for each other in regards to stopping at stop signs.  His destination was much further south than mine, so we parted ways and he continued on.

Now tell me - when was the last time this happened to you in a car?  Has it ever happened - keeping pace with someone to eventually slow down for a nice chat?  Meeting a new person and exchanging pleasantries from your motor vehicle?  

You just don't get things like this in a car.  Sure, I have a lot of unpleasant encounters, but the little ones like this really make my day, and really remind me how much I enjoy the ride.

Thanks Andrew, it was great meeting you!  Hopefully I will see you again on my commute.
2012 Distance Count: 154 Miles | 247.8 Kilometers

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