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The other night when I went to take the District out for its maiden ride, I realized with a sinking feeling in my stomach that I don't have any spare taillights.  For some reason, my apartment contains approximately four spare headlights in various lumens, but not a single spare taillight.  I guess I've always been more concerned with being seen from the front as opposed to the back, although the taillights on the current bikes are by no means bad - we run Cateye and PDW in my house. 

Not wanting to be silent and invisible from the rear, I ran the fifteen feet from my front door to the awesome store I live behind and proceeded to acquire a pair of Bookman Lights, which I've been admiring in the window for a while, but wasn't able to justify until right at that moment. Not because they're expensive - it's $30 for a set - just because I have a lot of gadgets already, and I'm trying to quit. 

Image via http://bookman.se/ - I didn't know they made red!  Now I want red!  
Bookman lights are these neat little lights that will attach just about anywhere on your bike using an elastic band, like so: 

Image via Materialicious

They may look small, but they are formidable, and quite bright!  They have three settings - slow flash, quick flash, and solid, and they're waterproof (and quite stylish!).  Granted, the front light doesn't make a good "see-the-road" headlight, but for city biking, these little lights will certainly get you noticed. Also, the elastic band lets them fit on any size seat post, fork blade, handlebars, downtubes, backpacks...wherever, really. 

Anyway, I highly recommend these, even just to carry as spares.  

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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