There are a lot of "you know you're a bike nut when" things out there. 

- You know you're a bike nut when there are more bikes than people in a household.

- You know you're a bike nut when you have no idea how much a gallon of gas costs, and haven't for a while.

- You know you're a bike nut when you can pull a crank and readjust a deraileur, but have no clue how to change a fuse.

I realized yesterday that I have a few good ones to add to this list:

- You know you're a bike nut when you can't spell "Superb" without adding an e at the end out of habit.

- You know you're a bike nut when your phone's autocorrect dictionary changes words to the names of famous brands or parts.  I'm derailleur right now, but I'll be over there in a Shimano.

There are lots more, but you get the idea.  

Seriously - e at the end.  Looks so much better than "Superb."

The point is, this amazing derailleur showed up at my house last night, after I'd been trolling eBay for a while trying to find the right one for my racing bike.  It's not NOS, per say, but it might as well be - the bearings are as smooth as butter, and it's a beautiful derailleur.  I honestly can't believe Suntour isn't still around. 

Really, their components were simply Superbe.  Teehee. 

I'm done.  

2012 Distance Count: 266 Miles | 428.1 Kilometers

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