Thanks Consumer Reports

I was reading the latest issue of Consumer Reports, and came upon this list of what annoys drivers the most.  

At least we're mildly less annoying than a loud radio.

We're lower on the list of annoyances, sure, but it would have been nice of CR had put a note in there saying that taking the lane is legal, and often times "bicyclists who don't let you by" are just trying to safely get from point A to point B.  No, I'm not trying to be a dick by taking the lane, I swear I'm just trying to get to work, and sorry for delaying you by the ten seconds it takes to merge over and pass me.  

That's my rant.  It's short today, as I am tired.

I moved the distance counter over to the left, and also added a search by tags thing, so you can filter out my rants and just look at the pretty pictures. 

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