Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese

Now simply known as 3T
I have a thing for odd handlebars. 


On Fenders

Everyone has that one part that they dread installing.  Some people just hate changing flat, while others just have a terrible time with headsetsThen there are the people that are genuinely, vehemently afraid of deraileurs, occasionally to the point where they won't even bother.  

For me, it's fenders.


What I'm Thankful For: My Favorite Shop

There's a nickname that I've gained after coming back to the bay after my adventure in Los Angeles: Hybrid Californian. I was jokingly called this after talking about the many places here I've haunted over the years: Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, the South Bay, the Westside, the Beach Cities, and now the Peninsula.  I find myself incredibly lucky to have lived (and biked!) in all of these places, and have visited shops in all of them.

No shop, however, can even come close to my favorite shop (and one of my favorite places, overall) than Hermosa's own Old Bike Shop, which has been in Hermosa since 1987, and was a two minute walk from me for almost two years.  It's run by one of the kindest, most beautiful souls I've ever met.   

Mohammad with one of his many lovely Colnago frames!


SF Bike Expo!

If you're near the San Francisco Bay Area, I urge you to check out this pretty awesome event.  I was able to go a few years ago, and there are vendors, builders, shows, amazing deals and cool finds.  Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this year (which is probably the best thing for my wallet, really) but it's worth going...especially if you're hunting for a rarity of a novelty.

Have an excellent weekend full of fall riding!


Four Years

Original Takhion handlebars.
One of those rare instances where the part might be rarer than the bike. 


On Trains

For those of you who know what Caltrain is, or those of you who take it, you can skip this part.  But since most of the world is not based in the bay area, California, Caltrain is one of our train commuting systems.  It runs up and down the Peninsula from Gilroy to San Francisco, and lots of people (more than ever, it seems) are commuting on it.  It's public transportation, and you see all sorts - cyclists, drunk Giants fans, businesspeople, etc. 

Caltrain has bike cars, which are probably the most terribly designed bicycle cars anyone could have conceived in the entire world.  The system is: label your bike, group bikes going to same destination together with bungie cords, and cry as your bike is getting the shit scratched out of it.  I watched in horror as a guy practically threw his beat up mountain bike against mine, then sort of grind it in place while my soul died a little.  I don't bring my carbon bike on Caltrain anymore. 

This.  Seriously guys...this.
 When I was living in the bay a few years back, I never had problems getting on or off the bike car.  Even during peak rider season, cars were never this full.  Things have changed since those days.


Friday Photodump

Just some bike related photos from the week.  I took Zakat out last weekend on a ride and came across a grinding stone area from the Maidu Native Americans that used to live there. 

I also picked up some little lights for night riding - check out these nifty little lights!  I got front and rear - easy to install and solid construction. 

Lezyne makes them. 

And a shot of the Takhion Aero, taken early in the morning before leaving for work.  I'm happy to say that I have found a pair of real Takhion bars for this bike - not the display repros that I currently have on there! 
And aTakhion for good measure.

Happy weekend riding, and don't forget to turn your clocks back this Sunday! 
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