Last Ride of 2012

I took a ride on the bay today, right as the sun was setting.  

San Mateo Public Shores has lots of little nooks and crannies to explore.
 I'm fortunate to have a stable of awesome bikes to choose from, but my Trek District Carbon is by far my favorite ride.  Fast, responsive, it fits me like a glove and looks like Batman's bike.  Freaking Batman!

Just about under the San Mateo Bridge.
2012 has been a pretty great year for biking.  There are some great trails in the bay, my commute is fantastic, and I got some neat bikes and neat parts that I've been tinkering with.  I also learned a whole lot more about building, but I feel like I learn something new everyday when it comes to bikes anyway.
I almost fell on my ass while taking this.
 I'm looking forward to 2013 - Mr. Yamaguchi's class, more Bike Repair Days, and hopefully some training at the local velodrome!  Not to mention my neverending list of projects...
My favorite. 
Come what may, at least I have my bikes.  

Happy New Year, everyone.

Ride on!  

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