Upcoming Projects: Friday Edition

With the holidays coming up soon, I will be busy with Christmasy things like seeing my family, and riding bikes.  That said, I might not be posting much until after the New Year, but we'll see.  As such, I have a list of next year projects that I've been musing over to share with you until I return.

Christmas lights, Velocity style!

Project 1 - Pimp My Ride, Trek District Edition (Jan/Feb):
The infamous Homewrecker Bike/Cab (who I've also lately been calling Nine, because DISTRICT NINE) is getting a little bit of a makeover.  Original Trek Districts came with nice orange wheels that paired well with the grey/orange color scheme, but my inherited ride did not.  Thus, I will be building two bikes with one wrench (okay, that was bad.  I'll admit it.) and getting an orange B43 Velocity wheelset that will go on this guy.  However, the back wheel is getting rebuilt with a Surly 135 mm rear hub and then getting fitted with a 21T Gates Carbon threaded cog.  Since they only make these cogs with Centertrack, I will also be swapping out the belt ring and the belt itself for corresponding Centertrack components.   The result will be a snazzy belt driven fixed gear with a comfy gear ratio of 55:21. 

Project 2 - The Takhion.  Takhions.  All of them.: 
Project two is maybe more than one project, but I digress.  I have a Takhion from in dire need of restoration and a decent build.  The goal for that one as of now is a cleaning and some protective clear coat to maintain it, then a full repaint when it starts to get warm.  That one will also get a complete build, most likely for the track.  I also have another frame in fine condition that just needs a seat, and then it will be all set to race.  The last Takhion has a broken fork which I will try to fix, leading to...

Project 3 - Learn the Art (April):
In April I am going to be taking Koichi Yamaguchi's Frame Building Course and coming away with not only a bike frame, but also hopefully enough knowledge to start building bikes on my own.  Eventually I'd like to snag one of these and set up shop, starting out slow until I get good enough to work on more important things, like the Takhion fork.  But since I'll be coming home with a shiny new bike frame, I will have to...

Project 4 - ???
Truth be told, I honestly have no idea what sort of bike I am going to build yet.  I've been leaning towards a road frame, but I also love the idea of a custom track frame.  And then I keep saying a want a Cyclocross bike.  Whatever I do decide, however, will need paint and parts, which will be this project, which most likely will take me through the end of the year (financially speaking!)

Most likely, something else will come up and I'll end up working on a million other things I thought I wasn't going to be.  But four main projects for a year is something nice to look forward to after the holidays, and will keep me busy tinkering in the workshop for a while.  

Anyone out there have any bike projects lined up for next year :D?

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