78.3 or 126

Miles or kilometers, whichever you prefer.

It's the longest ride I've done so far, and I did it on my single speed.  

Coming back was straight into a headwind, which killed my average speed, made me the slowest rider, and caused me to curse like a sailor.  But I still did it. 

A year ago I couldn't have ridden nearly eighty miles, yet during this ride I felt good.  I was in tune with my bike, keeping a decent speed and just thinking how great it felt to be out riding.  And while the last twenty miles got pretty hard, I still ended the ride with a good feeling.  

More photos under the cut.  

Two of my riding buddies' bikes.  A Celo Europa and a Trek.

Hellyer was right off the trail, and there were a few riders training.  I stopped to watch and admire the bikes.
Everyone had lovely vintage steel.  I was a little worried I'd get reamed for showing up on carbon.
Mandatory awkward shedding layers photo.  At least he was a good sport about it.
Outside a tiny little burrito place in Gilroy, our destination that day.
 Next time I'm going for a Century.

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