The (Almost) Newest Addition to the Family

With the insanity brought on by my adventure to Colorado and all of the preparation that came with it, I haven't had a chance to take some decent photos of what is now the second newest member of my bike family.  This one came to me in the middle of March, and it's a pretty special find: it's the first Takhion road TT frame that I've owned, it came with most of the original parts, and best of all - it's exactly my size.

On display in my brand new birthday-gifted Park stand!
The serial number dates it to 1985, and the headset type isn't the more typically seen Takhion style, but is actually like a common threaded headset...almost.  I'm going to let this absolutely stunning bike speak for itself.

Original bars.  Not quite the original levers though.

Here you can see the headset is a bit different than what is normally seen on the later Takhions.

Beautiful proprietary downtube shifters.  The drivetrain was mostly Campagnolo, though exactly what gruppo it was is still a bit of a mystery.  It came with a Triomphe derailleur, but whether or not that is the original, I don't know. 

Front brake, with a beautiful lugged fork crown. 

Campy bottom bracket. 
This frame is in pretty lovely condition.

Columbus tubing, and a derailleur clamp-on lug of sorts.

Internally routed brake cables.

Front view.

And, of course, the signature and the bottom bracket cutout that makes it a true Takhion.
I would love to build this up with the correct drivetrain and components, but I already have just about an entire Suntour Superbe drivetrain (and wheelset) that I could use, though I do have to do some research to ensure everything will be compatible.  Because you can bet I'll be riding this beauty once I get it up to speed.  

However, my priority continues to be on the newest member of my family, which is getting a visit to the powder coater tomorrow!

All sanded and filed!

Close up - it's certainly not perfect, but it will act as a reminder that this was my first frame and that I have a lot to learn.
After this one comes back from the powder coater, it's getting a headset.  From there, it will take me some time to gather the parts I need, but I'll get there!

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