My Kitchen Smells Like Frame Saver

I'm not sure if most of the Frame Saver ended up in my frame or on my face, but frame, fork, and stem are all properly frame-saved and now drying after the second application.  It was only after I finished everything that I noticed the bottle has a warning about doing everything outside and wearing eye protection, but I haven't died yet, so I'll consider it a victory.

Once the headset arrives, that will be the next step.  

In all of its paper towel stuffed glory.
Another victory today when I was pointed to this site.  Their jeans are currently sold out, but they have plenty of shorts for both men and women.  Along with some other really cool gear, they have a neat try-before-you-buy policy, where they don't bill you until you confirm with them that you're keeping your order.  Otherwise, you send it back to them in the pre-paid packaging.  

I've no idea how I've managed to go so long without discovering this awesome Tumblr, but now I'm worried on what else I am missing out on.

If you're in the Bay Area, Commute.org is doing a thing where you can pledge to take alternative transportation at least 8 times during May and April.  This includes biking, walking, trains, boats, what have you.  You get prizes, so sign up.

I'm a sucker for bike related household objects, so I will probably break down and get one of these bike plushies because it's adorable.  And speaking of awesome Etsy finds, here is a wonderfully offensive bike poster (safe for work, unless your boss has zero sense of humor).

Probably most of you know about Chainlove - a Woot of sorts for bike components and gear (with some tri stuff thrown in) but if not, now you do.  You can get some killer deals - I got 3T Ergonova Team Bars for something like sixty percent off.  My coworker told me that they had a full SRAM Red group early Sunday morning for $1200, and I told him that if that ever happens again and he doesn't call me we can't be friends anymore.  Regarding this - I try to buy locally as often as possible and support my lbs, which I do often, but if I find a killer deal, I take it.  

Next few days are going to be slightly nuts, so in the meantime here's a pseudo black and whiteish photo (I have no shame) of my cat guarding my District Carbon.  
He always knows when I'm about to leave and gets mopey.

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