A Belated Happy Fathers' Day, and Other Things

As this was my dad's weekend to get to do whatever he wanted, I spent it back home mostly drinking beer and making various food items.  There was also a Fathers' Day Bike Ride involved, which reminded me that 95 degrees is less than optimal for doing anything involving brain cells.

In local news, San Mateo County is closing part of one of the bike trails for construction for about ten weeks (which started June 3rd).  It seems like this is going to be the section that is being worked on, though supposedly construction is only 8AM to 5PM...whether or not that means it will be open for commuting aside from that, I don't know.  There are other routes, thankfully, but it still sucks for anyone directly affected.  

Brooks today announced that the new Cambium saddle is on sale in limited quantities, and the few reviews from the testers so far are pretty positive.  To be honest, I'm not sure I like the color or look of the Cambium, but I'm still curious to try one out and see if what everyone is saying is true.

Regarding the Takhion Headset Caps, I'm speaking to another company right now that has the capability to print a more rubbery material that might work better.  Still in the prototyping stages, but I'm hoping to have something available soon to anyone that's interested!

Helios Bars have been getting attention lately, and while I like the concept I can't say I like the execution.  There are too many measurement factors with stems and bars, and the turn signal nubbins sticking off towards the rider are just a recipe for stabbing if you happen to have a bad crash.  If they offered these in a plethora of measurements and changed the design a bit, I might consider them (because hey, GPS), and maybe they will now that they've passed their funding goal.

I have to give Chainlove a shout out for having some of the best customer service I've ever dealt with.  In my idiocy I thought I had a damaged spoke on the front wheel, and it turned out to be the rear.  They had new wheels out to me before I even woke up the next morning, and were awesome about the whole exchange.  To date, I have both wheels in good shape and they recieved my return with no problems.

And finally, a belated Happy Fathers' Day to any dads out there (who hopefully got to get out and take a nice ride this weekend)!  I wonder if there are any official Fathers' or Mothers' Day rides out there...I could see Fathers on Fixed Gears being a thing.  Or Moms on Mamacharis!

The only photo I managed to grab on my heat fueled ride.

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