As of September

Since I'm always working on something but have made progress with my Yamaguchi School Bike, the belt driven fixed gear, and learning the art, here's an update to the project docket in the coming months. 

September: The Takhion Temp fork is being sent off to be repaired by the experts!  Awesome news, since I've been trying to get this fork fixed for almost two years now.  Depending on how well the October project goes, this frame might also go in for a restorative paint job, as it could definitely use it. 

October: The manhandled and sad looking (but structurally sound) Takhion Aero is going in for a full restoration.  My goal will be to build it up with as many correct parts as I can, but for now It's just going to get stripped and properly repainted with shiny new decals.  The bars are a bit beat up, but I'll clean them up and wrap them nicely.  Thankfully the chrome on the handlebar clamps is in good shape, so those I won't have to worry about, though it's also missing its headset cap, which leads me to...

November: Remember the Takhion headset caps and handlebar plugs that I was working on?  Still working, but getting an alternative file type for pvc injection molding is starting to be a little bit of a pain.  Hopefully I can find some open source software that converts an obj to an igs file, and then I'll get everything converted and sent off to be done in time for Christmas. If not...maybe I'll try my hand at DIY injection molding.  So far my prototypes have been pretty good, so I'm really close on this one and would like to get these done!

Winterish:  I'd love to get my little frame shop up and running, but most likely this one will have to wait until sometime next year.  Unfortunately, much of what I need is very expensive and takes up a lot of room, so I need a decent workspace before I can get large equipment, but renting a workspace means less money for that equipment.  I'll win eventually. 

I wish I had something like this.  Mr. Yamaguchi's shop.
Next Year Entirely:  I have a few other parts to seek out for bikes that are in the works, and most likely I'll be spending next spring searching for said components and getting a few framesets I have back to their original (or as close as I can) glory.  I really need to get the bikes and frames that I currently have built up with permanent components before I take on any new build ideas, but I'll end up eating those words anyway, I'm certain.

Just for fun I do kind of want to experiment with dual transmissions and bamboo as a building material, so if I get the chance maybe I'll combine these two ideas into something wacky.  Dual transmission belt driven bamboo bike, anyone? 

Along with all of this, I'll be aiming to ride even more than usual.  I'm no racer, but I enjoy pushing my limits and improving my fitness and riding technique.  I need to work on climbing and would like to better my endurance over longer rides, which is something that I've started to focus on more with my new road bike.  

At some point, I should organize the shop too.



  1. Nice. What bartape you are use (on the 1st photo) ?

    1. I *think* it's this, in silver: http://www.fizik.it/en/accessories/bartapes/Bar-Tape/

      Truth be told, the bars were wrapped that way when I received them, so I don't know for sure!

  2. Ok, fizik it looks like.. Thank you.


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