It's hard to believe that four years ago I decided to make the switch to clipless pedals.  It's also pretty crazy that my Shimano shoes (the cheapest I could get at the time) lasted me four years, thousands of miles, a few storms and muddy rides, coffee getting poured in them (happens far too often in my house) and multiple sprints on the Caltrain platform.  

When I bought my first pair of road shoes, I had no idea what I was doing.  I was a student at the time, and I was still fairly new to the technical side of bicycling - the main reason that I ended up getting road shoes was because of a foot injury, in which my doctor told me that if I was going to be riding more than fifty miles a week I needed either cycling specific shoes or something with a hard sole or I'd injure myself again.  Hence, I found the only downside to constantly wearing Vibram Five Fingers and had a legit reason to invest in real grown-up cycling shoes.  

Since then I've learned a lot about shoes - which kinds last the longest, which kinds have the best reputation, how to make sure they fit properly, and the problems that you have when they don't.  Sometime during this learning process I learned that my lovely shoes were the wrong size, causing my feet to go numb on long rides.  

Thus, today was New Shoes Day.

They won't stay this clean for long.
Mostly I was jaunting around running errands, but so far I love the way these feel, and tomorrow on my ride to work I'll give them a decent beating to make sure things aren't going numb, the cleats are straight, and everything else is working as it should be.  

Also, man are these comfy.  Everyone that told me Sidis just fit like a glove was right - straight out of the box and they're awesome.  

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