Takhion Alert

Sorry guys, the auction ended and I forgot to grab the photo locally, so it got removed.

Just popped up on eBay:

EDIT:  Here is the painting process, but unfortunately there's no photo of it prior to being primed.

This one is tricky: there's no cutout on the BB shell, and it's drilled for a rear brake, but the lugwork and BB shell itself looks fairly spot on (at least from what I can see of the photos).  I kind of wonder if maybe someone made modifications to the frame and filled the BB/drilled a brake.  Until I know for sure it's still unverified, but if any of you have any insight I'd love to know.


  1. publish a photo of the left rear drop.

    1. I tried to find one. No luck. The seller didn't seem able to verify if there was a serial or not.


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