Takhion Restoration Progress

A few progress photos of this restoration went up today...

Concept sketch, using inspiration from a few of the photos I provided of Bicicrono's road TT Takhion - photos that were also used for color matching.  I really love the red accents on his road TT, and I think I might follow suit and add a few red touches of my own, such as this saddle in red and the matching bar tape.  And since Takhions originally came with Selle San Marco Concor Profil SLs, I wouldn't be deviating too far from historically accurate!

The paint was removed and there was some rust treatment done as well.  Here's a close up of the fork crown.
I love seeing the underlaying brazing!
I can't wait to see this frame in its next stages of getting painted!  Now it's time to hunker down and start a part search for the building process.

All credit for these photos and progress so far goes to Ube Urban.


  1. Hello, found your blog after seeing the Yamaguchi frame build on Reddit (which was great). You have some interesting bikes, I'm mostly a mountain bikist and I am ignorant of such exotic race bikes, so could you tell me, will you ride this sort of bike on the street or do you race at Velodromes too? Looks like a fairly extreme riding position. Anyway nice work resurrecting such unusual bikes, looking forward to seeing more progress and the end result.

    1. Hello back! This particular model is a road TT bike, which would be ridden on the road for Time Trial events - this particular frame has mounts for shifters, derailleurs, and brakes. Time Trial, or TT bikes are ridden against the clock by a single rider, so they're designed to be aerodynamic and fast. There are also track TT frames which lack the derailleur mount and are not drilled for brakes. The riding position is quite aero, so they are fun to ride for shirt distances but probably not something you want to do a century on :]

    2. Ah, see if I had looked at your drawing more carefully I would have seen the brakes and gears. Being new to it whenever I see a road going TT bike these days it's one of those carbon blade ones, looks like yours is going to be a lot cooler. Love the rear-slung front brake, guess there is nowhere else for it to go.

    3. There are some really cool photos of what they looked like all built hp here: http://www.bikecult.com/works/archive/03bicycles/takhionVV.html

      I hope I can get mine built up to look as nice! The modern TT bikes are nice, and I especially love the brakes hidden in the fork that some of them seem to have. It's interesting seeing how such bikes evolved and the history behind them - I wonder if Takhions were the first to have that rear mounted brake...


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