Even the beater needs upgrades sometimes

Timeshare beater bike got new tires a few days ago, because the ones that were on there were no match for the goatheads that plague my hometown.  

The Shipyard was the most necessary tool.
It may have been a minor upgrade, but it made a huge difference.  In my haste though, I grabbed 4000s' and not Gatorskins, but oh well.  I love these tires - I run them on my road bike, and they roll quite nicely, and while they're no Gatorskins they're still tough as nails.  Visually it's nice too; I liked the white, but I feel the black gives the bike an overall better aesthetic.  Maybe.  I'm still a bit torn.

As far as beater bikes go, I'm the worst when it comes to something like this.  It's in my blood to want to upgrade and constantly make things better than they need to be, which is why my timeshare ride still looks as pretty as it does.  Some people can abuse a bike until parts fall off, then they just replace them.  I lack the willpower to do this.  I should have just ridden this thing until the tires disintegrated into a sad little pile of dust, but crap like this keeps me up at night.  At least, it does with bikes - I wish I could be this careful about things like keeping my house clean or remembering to turn off the lights before leaving for two weeks.

Oh well.

It is a pretty bike. 

This is where it sleeps.
It was also my dad's birthday, and he got a slew of awesome bike gear that he's loving so far.  I'm pretty jealous of the tech compatible gloves, actually.

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