Not Quite Winter

We're in some desperate need of rain out here, but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy the 70ish degree days we've been having lately.

Just perfect.  
There is a wonderful trail in my hometown that I frequently ride with my dad whenever I manage to get home for a day or two.  It winds through the town in such a way that you would think you're out in the country somewhere, not in your own backyard.  It's also a great demonstration of each season, and the winter berries were quite the contrast against such a warm day.

A great ride and the perfect end to a three day weekend.
Though it certainly makes for nice riding, I'd really like to get the cold back soon, at least for a little while.  Winter riding in itself is rather enjoyable for me, and there hasn't been too much of it lately!  Perhaps I'll have better luck in February, and better yet we'll get some rain so that summer doesn't end up being miserable.

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