Awesome Little Commute Things

Torch lilies are blooming, which adds a nice pop of color to my commute and makes the landscape look like something out of the Jurassic period.

Some of them do look like a torch, fading from yellow to red, while others are solid yellow, red or orange.  Though they've been on display for a while now, most of the stalks had opened up by this past week and I had to stop for photos.  

I'm not the only one enjoying the day - check out the hummingbird right over my saddle!

The lilies stretch alongside a part of the bay trail that runs through Redwood City, with a few scattered further north.  They're such a treat to see this time of year that I go a bit slower on this part of the trail in order to enjoy them more.

These ones were tall!
I often hear the stereotype that California has no seasons, but any bike commuter (native or otherwise) will tell you that we do have seasons, and the best way to see them changing is by riding a bike.  I'd miss little things like this if I were in a car every day, but riding lets me see every little nuance and watch the world change.  

Bright days and blue shadows - I love spring in the bay!
Aside from my usually awesome commute, it's also been pretty great to finally have a workshop to go to.  After work I've been heading over there to make a little progress, and tomorrow I'll be spending the whole day there for the first time since I moved with hopes of finishing the main triangle of the current frame I'm working on.  Also it's nice to finally not have my jig taking up most of my kitchen.

This weekend I'll also try out my new rollers, so we'll see how badly that ends.

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