Bring Your Own Big Wheel

Technically Big Wheels aren't *really* bicycles.  

It's an Easter tradition in San Francisco for a bunch of adults (and some children) to dress up in costume and ride childrens' toys down one of the steepest hills in the city.  Though it started with just big wheels, the event has evolved and warped into bringing whatever you can get wheels on to get down the hill.  There were office chairs, skateboards, trash cans, and some bicycle like objects.

So, it's a bit outside of the norm for this blog, but here are some highlights from BYOBW 2014.

BART cars, horse masks, and someone chugging wine.  Happy Easter!
Team Tron riding their modified big wheels.
These gentlemen were riding a trash can with a Razor scooter attached to it.  An a headless mannequin, of course.
It is Easter, after all.
Every war has its casualties.
San Francisco has a huuuuuge bicycle culture, and it was awesome to see how many people biked to either participate or watch the event.  Many of the big wheels themselves were made out of old bike parts or welded from scratch completely.  

As for me, I managed a few runs down the hill without crashing too terribly.  Maybe next year I'll bust out a custom steel big wheel to blast down the hill with.

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