I meet cool people on the train sometimes

Friday morning I was on the train to work, on complete autopilot, when another lady cyclist commented that we both matched our bikes.

I asked her if it was intentional - she was wearing teal leggings with a black shirt and a teal backpack that matched an older teal Specialized (I think, I hadn't had coffee yet) that she said she had been using as a beater.  She said it was pure coincidence, but it was a pretty awesome accident! 

I was in an orange tank with orange gloves and an orange helmet, which is all intentional on my part - visibility, a cool color combo, and appeasing Giants fans and all that.  We got to talking a bit about bikes and commuting in style, and then parted ways at the next stop.

Thank you, rad stranger.  It was a brief but excellent encounter that made my day!

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