Things I Find On My Commute: Sci-Fi Edition

Sometimes when I'm on the bike trail I let my mind wander a bit.  Often I'll be daydreaming and think I see a giant bird or a gnarly creature out of the corner of my eye, but it turns out to be a sign, or a log, or something.  So I was pretty sure my eyes were deceiving my on a recent ride into work - there's no way...that isn't...wait...

Yep, that's a Dalek.

"Can I please take a photo of you and your Dalek" is not a phrase I say very often.  
This awesome guy had built a full size, fully functional Dalek that he could pilot around.  It had a camera, voice changer, a motor, you name it!  And in my geeky excitement, I completely forgot the name of the artist who built it.  So, if you stumble across this Mr. Dalek Builder, thank you for the Dr. Who history lesson and the information about the Dalek building community!

Things like this are one of the many reasons I love bike commuting.  Though I can't say I run into many characters from sci-fi shows, I can at least add a Dalek to the awesome-things-found-while-commuting list.  It's definitely one of the weirder ones on that list!

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