Happy New Year!

Over the holidays I was mostly doing non-bike related work (bummer, I know) but I did manage to find a kevlar disc wheel!

Sorry for the potato quality.  I wanted to try to capture the sunlight coming through, like I've seen other people do.  

I love the color of these wheels.
There are no markings on it, and I assume it's a Fluidisk - but it has a different structure and pattern than my other Fluidisk.  I wonder if they were different versions?  Aside from the legendary "666" wheels and Juna, Fluidisk is the only other type of Kevlar wheel that I know of.  Definitely interesting!

Even more awesome was how this came packaged.  When I pulled it out of the first box, I was greeted with this:

Why, hello!
This disc is going on the Takhion Temp, which I had mentioned to the seller.  It was a small gesture, but it really made my day!

Hangin' with the District.
So that puts me at two rear kevlar discs, and one mystery rear disc.  Someday I'll find a front one of these!

All in all, a pretty good way to start the year.  

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