LA River Commuting

Though I lived in LA before, the area where I am now is largely a mystery to me.  I worked and commuted on the Westside, rarely venturing east of 405, so being thrown in the middle of Northeast LA has been interesting!

Though I've only done it a handful of times, my commute has been amazing.  Believe it or not, there are only two miles of my 15 mile commute that are not on trails - just one example of LA's growing bike infrastructure.  

The past two weeks that I've been commuting by bike I have seen LA full of life in a way I never had before.  Jacarandas are in bloom, showering purple petals down over everything.  A flock of wild parrots chatters every morning at the first leg of my ride.  May Grey is in full effect, so mornings are cool, cloudy, and a bit misty - and we had a thunderstorm on bike to work day!!

The highlight though has to be the LA River Trail, which I take the entire length of.  It's been cleaned up quite a bit, and is now shared by cyclists, joggers, and all of the wildlife that makes the LA River its home. 

It's also the location of an awesome new Bike Cafe!!  Spoke is a rad little place that just, just opened (I was riding by as they were painting the mural) and that deserves its own write up.  I rolled in on Bike To Work Day and had coffee and a banana before continuing on my ride, and it was fantastic.  

If you're in LA and ride the trail, you can't miss it!

And, in true LA fashion, there's also a bit of weirdness on the trail.

It was gone the next day.
My commute also offers something else a bit new - hills!!  I've been riding Oblivion here since I live at the top of a hill, and also do a bit of climbing to and from work.  I'll still be using my single speed and fixed gear bikes, but probably not for commuting.

The only real downside is that I feel like the roads are so bad, I need a CX bike.  Might be a fun thing to build if I get some spare time, but I need to get the shop up and running and finish the backlog before I take on anything else.

If you ride the LA River Trail, say hi if you see me!

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