Old Vintage Steel

I can't stress enough just how awesome the online cycling community is, and how many cool people I meet.

Recently I was contacted regarding Takhion parts by a man named Alex, who very obviously shares a passion for bikes from the Soviet Union.  He's found some amazing buried treasures all over his home country of Belarus and many surrounding areas - I almost couldn't believe my eyes at photographs of bikes that had remained hidden, possibly forgotten, for so long.  

Wanting to share these bikes with people who would respect them and understood the significance of their history, he started Old Vintage Steel, and can also be found on Instagram under the same name.

Of course, he currently has a Takhion he wants to get to a good home.

It's a 58cm road frame, and it comes with three (yes three) forks, handlebars, and a BB.  

Check out this beauty!  Lots more photos on the Facebook page.
The third fork is also a Takhion fork with the TT clamps.  

Columbus SLX tubing.
And of course, there are other gems for sale, like these XB3s.  

Such a pretty color.
And this lovely set of Fluidisks!

Go check it out on Facebook or IG, and check back often for new cool treasures. 

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