I would say that I got hit today, but saying "I got nudged" is much more accurate and sounds a lot less alarming than "I got hit."  I'm fine, and better yet, so is the bike, but I'm thinking it's time to invest in a helmet cam for good measure.  

To elaborate on what happened: I was in a sharrowed right lane in a residential area, near the start of my commute.  The speed limit is 30 mph, and I was maybe going 20 or so.  A guy in the left lane, who from here on out shall be referred to as Mr. Asswagon, came over into my lane and tapped, or nudged me.  Thankfully my bike is pretty nimble and I reacted by jerking away pretty quickly, reaching out and hitting his car with my fist whilst yelling "HEY!" as loud as I could.  Looking in the window, both driver and passenger were pointing and laughing at me.  Then they sped off, while simultaneously giving me the finger.

But why?

I'm inclined to think it had something to do with another rider.  I was passed by a fully kitted out carbon fiber racer guy running all the stop signs and cutting off cars, and generally being a dick.  Perhaps Mr. Asswagon decided to "get back" at the cycling community by taking out his anger on another cyclist.  Since, you know, we're all the same.

Or, perhaps he thought he knew me, and thought I was someone else.  I wear a pretty unique commuting uniform though, and also ride a fairly unique commuter.  But it's possible.

Or, Mr. Asswagon decided he wanted to harass the girl cycling to work who was obeying all rules of the road.  Sorry I wasn't keeping up with the 30 mph speed limit. 

Whether you're on a bike or in a car, don't be dick. 

Other than that, my commute was lovely. 

2012 Mileage Count: 91


  1. Perhaps a flag or tee shirt that says you are the treasured daughter of two parents who love you will keep the asswagons away!?!

    1. Somehow I think that might be difficult to fit on the back of a jersey...

      It's okay. There's the mean ones, but there are also the nice ones.


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