Velo Profile: Se7en

Se7ven is my commuter that I finished building this past July.  It's a Giant RS930 that I found at a Goodwill in sad, sad condition.  I mean, rubber cement in the bearings sad.  Most of the parts that were on it were stock, but someone had changed a few things.  Someone had loved it once.  
After I finally graduated from the role of Starving Student and entered the world of Being Employed, I was able to get the final parts I needed to finish this beast of a bike. At current, it has a full Shimano 600/Ultegra group, Campagnolo Victory Crono rims with DT spokes, a couple neat odds and ends, like the anodized midnight blue Cinelli stem, and some sexy carbon fiber fenders.  

This is also my first bike where I'm running tubular tires, which admittedly, I dig a whole lot more than clinchers.  Yes, even for commuting.  Yes, I am crazy. 

The frame is double butted cromo, and without any panniers it's a pretty light bike.  I was surprised at just how nimble it was.  And also at how fast I could get it to go.

In conclusion, I am in love with this bike.  And every time I ride it, I'm reminded of that. 

2012 Mileage Count: 98


  1. Hey Se7ven,
    where did you get those fantastic carbon fenders?


    1. They came from a friend who picked them up at a bike show. I've looked for them online since, but have not found them.


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