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There's a slight, tiny little sliver of a chance that I might actually make it to NAHBS next weekend!  Sacramento is near my hometown, and while flights are still looking like they're going to be a bit too expensive, I'm going to keep an eye out for discount flights.  If I do happen to make it, I'll bring my camera and take as many photos as I possibly can.  Driving is a bit out of the question, due to time and the current sad state of my car.  

As it is Friday, I hope all of you will be out enjoying the weekend soon!  I have a few bike related plans - the District is finally getting its own saddle and I plan to do a decent amount of work on the Nishiki Ultimate now that I finally have a stem. 

I also have the rear wheel half built, so that's good.  All I need to finish that bike are brakes, a front derailleur, a freewheel, and spokes for the front wheel...wow, I'm almost sort of done!  

The Takhion is also most likely coming back from the welder, and all that one needs is a wheelset and a cog before it's good to ride.  It'll be velodrome only, mostly because I want to ride it but not destroy it in the process. It's currently at the welder because it seems like there was a lot of stress put on the handlebars at some point in its life, and one side cracked during the test ride.  Poor bike :/.  

Both the Nishiki and the Takhion will also need saddles and pedals, but those are easy and swappable.   

I'm seriously considering backing a really cool Kickstarter frame jig that was linked via Reddit.  Check this out:

Image via Kickstarter
Granted, I don't know how to weld, though that's changing soon.  Since every single jig I've looked at out of curiosity has been massive and expensive, this seems like a good idea, especially for someone who's just beginning (and doesn't have too much room)!!

Also, I know that there are a lot of things that show up on Kickstarter.  I only give attention to and or back those that I feel are innovative and useful, I promise!  

Happy Friday everyone!  Go ride a bike!

2012 Distance Count: 337 Miles | 542.4 Kilometers

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