The Takhion That Isn't: Part I

It's been slightly crazy this week, and since the following few days are going to be packed as well, here's a mid week post featuring a fixed gear build I'm working on that I will be bringing back to my hometown so that I will always have a bike there.

Mmm, rust colored.
This bike is branded as a Takhion, but the interesting thing is, that, well, it isn't.  

Back when I first learned of Takhions some years ago, I was desperate to find one and so badly wanted one that when I found this frame for sale (for ridiculously cheap - should have been my first clue), I jumped on it. 

It was only when I got the frame that I noticed it was very obviously an older fixed gear frame that had been repainted and had new decals put on it.  It was also missing the typical Takhion bottom bracket handiwork.  I went back to try to find the seller to get some answers, but with little luck - fortunately it doesn't seem like this was being done for profit or to trick people, but more like someone had done this themselves as a project and was now selling it.  It wasn't some crazy counterfeit scheme or con - just an honest mistake. 

Since then I've become much more educated on what to look for, and now that I have a few years of experience under my belt I know how to research and look for certain things.  But, you can't change the past, so I ended up with a (rather pretty, actually) rust colored frame with Takhion logos that I lovingly named Zakat.  I decided to build the frame with mostly spare parts, but that turned out to be a nightmare...

At any rate, I did find myself a legitimate Takhion, after years of searching.  And now that this bike is just about built, it is a pretty nice ride.  So there's a happy ending to all of this!  

Gotta get me some foot retention!
Once it gets finished, I'll share part two.  For now though, crazy week ahead! 

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