Some Rainy Wednesday Things

I went home this past weekend with the intention of putting up Christmas lights and getting some rides in on my timeshare bike, but a late fall storm decided instead to dump about four inches of rain and some howling winds while simultaneously flooding everything.  So, instead, I changed out the rear cog and helped my dad install the CB2 Bike Rack to hang it on.  

My walls are so white :/
 Both seemed to come out rather well - the rack looks really nice, and my new ratio of 46:18 seems that it will be better suited to some of the hillier rides that my dad has been liking to do lately.  Fortunately with the latest technology in flip flop hubs, I can always switch back over to 46:15 with the flick of a wrench.  Or something.  

The storm kept my room mostly dark, so when there was finally a break in the clouds I tried getting as many pictures as I could.  It's a very pretty bike.
The rain, however, did not manage to keep me from the REI Used Gear Sale where I managed to score two pairs of Vibrams (disclaimer: don't bike in these ever or you will really, really mess up your feet, like I did), a brand new helmet, and a rolling bike parking stand thing.  Be forewarned that while I highly recommend checking out the REI sale if you're a member, it's basically a Black Friday for hippies, and people will fight you.  Get there early to wait in line and be prepared to punch for those SPD shoes.  

Although I love the rain, storms that keep me off of the bike are a bit tiring after a while.  A good storm is great, but flooding all of the bike paths/bike lanes is not so great.  
Here are some dropouts from a sunnier time. 
Though, truth be told, it makes for a lot more room on the bike car. 

Also, I just found this site and it is wonderful. You're welcome.

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