How To Guarantee Rain

Step One:  Wait until it's been 80+ degrees for the past two weeks.

Step Two:  Remove fenders, clean bikes, put away winter gear.

Step Three:  Wait two days.

I'll take this over 80 degrees any day. 
I actually really enjoy the rain.  And I also have an Ass Saver handy!

Those of you in the bay area might be interested to know of a framebuilding class and various lectures that are coming up.  Apparently the class is pretty good, and the lectures seem rather interesting.  I'll be at the one on Technology and Innovation!  The frame building class looks pretty nice, but I'm going to be focusing on starting my own little shop here, which brings me to...

And they say powder coating makes lugs look bad.  Pssh.
My frame came back from the powder coater today.  It looks absolutely stunning, which is why the one asstastic cell phone picture is the only thing I'm posting.  That sparkly charcoal paint job needs to be photographed with something that can capture its beauty, so when I get some good light I'll bust out the DSLR.  These powder coaters were killer, by the way - all threads and contact areas masked, perfect and even finish, and for a great price.  If you're in need of powder coating, go to Maas Brothers.  From now on that's where all of my frames are going.  

The box that it's sitting on with the barely visible "heavy" sticker - that's my new-to-me frame alignment table.  I'm serious about this framebuilding thing.  Go big or go home, right?  

The biggest question now is: black or silver headset?  

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