At Least This Time I Remembered Pants

I haven't ridden a bike with a chain in a considerable amount of time, so my guess is that I was probably hugging molesting moving someone's bike on Caltrain when this happened.

My calves eat small animals.
Strangely enough there was rain here over the past two days, which was nice for me because there was hardly anyone else out and I'm terribly awkward around other people.  The sun came out today though, and everyone that's afraid of melting in the rain or something was back out to ride, along with what seemed like a horde of other new riders.  Maybe summer vacation has something to do with it - suddenly you don't have to drag your kid to school every morning, so hey, biking seems like a nice option.  

It's definitely summer in the bay.  The days are warm, the nights cool down to light jacket weather, and the days of lamenting a lack of AC are upon us.  Perfect riding weather, if you ask me.  Here in the bay summer means riding to all sorts of events and festivals, enjoying the last flowers of spring, long shadows of bikes and their riders, and of course lots of mint lemonade.

And of course awkwardly trying to take photos of shadows without getting your fingers in them. 
Summer for me will also mean finishing up this bike, which ideally will be done sometime in mid August to get ready for lots of fall riding.  I'm down to the very, very last thing that I need - the group.  At this point I've even got the bar tape.

In the meantime, I'll just continue to ride to work while forgetting things like shoes, which means that I went around the whole day like this.

I try to keep it classy.
If UPS isn't lying to me, I'll have some new Takhion headset cap prototypes tomorrow.

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