First and foremost, this is the coolest underpass ever.

Second, I actually had a moment while there was sunlight outside, so I did this.
Because nothing says classy photo shoot like a two tone fence.
There are many more fancy angles, but I'll keep them under the cut so you don't miss the two beautiful lo pros under this entry.  
My favorite.
Bottom bracket detail.  You can see the sparkles, as well as a few blemishes in the brazing - just a reminder I have a long way to go.
The dropouts with set screws installed.
Full frontal fork.
Close up of the lugwork on the fork ends - the powder coater did an excellent job keeping the lugs crisp.
The fork crown.
And the stem, with bolts installed.
Stem detail!
Clouds kept passing over, and the best shot of the sparkles was actually taken after I brought the frame inside.  
The headset is next, though things might have be put on hold as my transmission decided to noisily start dying somewhere on the Pacheco Pass this past weekend.  And while I ride everywhere locally, my frequent jaunts around California require something a little faster than a bicycle and a little cheaper than current airfaire/train...fare.  

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