There Is No Internet In The Boonies

I didn't know that I would be sans wifi until I got up to Chico, but on the bright side I was mostly too busy to write anyway.  

I went up to Chico for my sister's graduation, but since Chico is pretty big into cycling I got to see a lot more than just caps, gowns, and drunken parents celebrating the end of paying lots of money to send their kids to school.

I'm going to split this into two posts since it's late and I require a massive amount of sleep to be viable during the day, but the coolest thing that I saw when I was there had to do with the fact that Chico State University decided to commemorate their 125th anniversary with their very own bicycle.  I like Chico just on its own as a town and a school, but I have to give them props for doing this.

I grabbed some photos of the display bike.  There are plenty more under the cut.

The Wildcat Cruiser itself. It was designed by Felt, with the logos designed by a graphic design student.
Some information regarding the bike.  Only 125 were made.
The 125 year headbadge is a nice touch.  I'm not a cruiser person, but this is a pretty nice bike.

The school motto.

Collectable cards with info on the bike, free to take.
More info on the bike.  Built in racks and a headlight, and it's a three speed.
Headbadge.  I dig it.
I know cruisers aren't for everyone, but they definitely appeal to the laid back atmosphere of Chico and certainly to the students and alumni alike.  I'd love to see more schools offer a school bike like this one, though I'm sure this isn't what the Chico cycling team is riding.

More photos of the wilderness part of my adventure coming soon. 

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