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Just a couple random tidbits and cool things for today.

After a momentary setback involving the scale being about one tenth of what it should be, it seems that Shapeways has successfully sent these guys for printing.  There was a lot of initial swearing when I got an e-mail saying my items were unprintable, but once I fixed the units and had the caps be more than 3mm wide, things were good to go.  Really excited to see how they turn out.  Even more excited that now the size is right I can get them in cool colors.

Strangely enough, I also received a letter from San Mateo County today, and was pretty psyched to find out they had sent me a $40 REI Gift Card as part of their commute.org incentive in which you pledged to take alternate transportation to work at least three days a week during April and May, and then you go online and fill out a survey telling them that you did.  I figured I would be entered in a drawing of some sort, but apparently everyone who did the survey got one (and were then all entered into a drawing for a free iPad or something).  How easy is that - ride to work, get money for REI stuff (or Clipper Card/some other commuter thing, I think).  

Today the unthinkable happened and my dream wheelset for my YFBS Bike showed up on Chainlove.  Meaning that now I have everything for that bike with the exception of the drivetrain, the pedals, and a few other small bits and pieces like tires and one more bottle cage.

Ridership on Caltrain is increasing quite a bit, and if you find yourself being a victim of getting bumped, please, please report it here!  Caltrain does look at these reports, and they tend to switch out cars (if they can) if cyclists are repeatedly getting left behind.  And if you don't have a tag already - for the love of whatever you feel is holy, tag your damn bike.  If you can't get a free tag from the conductor, make one.  At the very least, sit near your bike and tell other people where it's going.  And if you leave your untagged bike to be surrounded by bikes heading to a different destination and then you have to dig your bike out and inconvenience everyone, you really have no right to be angry.  

Photos of the headset on the YFBS bike coming this weekend!

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