It Really Doesn't Take Much

My cell phone has being dying a slow and sad death over the past few weeks, so today when the charger ripped in half and the volume completely went kaput I rode down to get a new one. 

Naturally the first thing I had to do was play with the camera.  

So far so good!

My little jaunt through San Mateo also led me to discover a few new things, such as a better way to get to Trader Joes and another bike shop.  I also had to jump on El Camino for a little bit, which seems to have become almost as bad as PCH in terms of riding.  There are a lot of parallel bike routes, but it would be awesome to see some more signs (or even infrastructure) on El Camino since it's such a direct route.  

Nine also got a decent cleaning and tuning, since it was making some gnarly noises over the past few days.  I thought it was the bottom bracket, but when I removed the belt and checked the spindle and bearings everything was fine.  After cleaning and regreasing things are silent and smooth again, so I'll just chalk it up to Phil Wood grease saving the day again.  

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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